New classes at Portslade Academy & other things I’ve been up to

Here are the new classes planned for the next academic year in Portslade for PACA 17-18 PACA Louise Mabbs Patchwork course flyers

If you are interested in any of the first three, please sign up soon or they won’t run.

I think the documents are coming out a bit large, not sure why I couldn’t embed them into the text as usual!

So long since I last updated anything here! I have been incredibly busy with work, epecially planning for all the events I have been at.

Went to the Conference For Creators (Origami) in Lyon, France. Lovely inspiring time, but such hot nights, foam mattresses with plastic sheets on top and scary windows which opened so wide and so low I felt like I might fall out! One time when AC would have been nice. I usually hate it because it’s so bad for the environment and is often too cold, so I get chills going from outdoor to indoor temperatures all the time.

Anyway I learnt loads of new ideas about how to write diagrams, pack work for exhibitions – thanks to Robert Lang probably the foremost folder in the world outside of Japan, writing tips (for when I’ve got confidence again to work with a new publisher after my awful experience with my first one) and masses besides. Very inspiring and built my confidence up quite a lot for when some of my current projects are done and I can get on with some of the UFO’s (Unfinished Objects – a quilting term!) and NYO’s (Not Yet Objects – I just made that up!) in my head, of which there are many!

Had a lovely family holiday in Northumberland so we could see our eldest son who has a job lined up after his MSc now, though I had to write up all my classes for the Festival of Quilts, because a previous admin job had taken so long it had eaten into my planning time pre holiday. Highlights when I did get out were 1) Going to the Beamish Museum– many years ago I went there on a Quilter’s Guild trip from an AGM up there. Sadly I missed the quilting demo going on – there was so much to see and we couldn’t get everywhere in one day.

2) Going to see Rebecca Vincent’s Studio– she’s an amazing printer, and should have been there but probably wasn’t because it was the school holidays. Many years ago when we were on a previous Northumberland trip I had an inspirational thought that I should do some long thin landscapes in corduroy and other textures, of course things got busy and I never got round to them, but I’m currently doing a large banner project with Pulborough United Reformed Church in West Sussex and one of them brought along one of Rebecca’s cards, which she’d had for a birthday, to put in to the mix of ideas we were playing with. In the end we decided to do the 4 seasons and I had to draw up a design based on the local Sussex countryside and cut out the fabrics for the background, which the ladies in the banner group have been decorating for several months. Only recently I realised Rebecca’s prints are essentially the concept I was thinking about all those years ago, so yet another god-incidence as I call them, that I’m now involved in a huge version of the inspiration I had back then! Later on I sat in the car working on my classes on the computer for an hour or so while the rest of the family got wet viewing Hadrian’s Wall!

3) A little reckie into Scotland – I’ve been wanting to see top UK quilter Pauline Burbidge’s open house in Allendale for years I thought it was about 15 years since she married and moved up there from Nottingham, but it it was their 25th open studio and well worth the wait. I’d first visited her in her former Nottingham, front of a 30’s semi house studio, (like mine here) and then her warehouse one over a disused factory, when I had just started my own studio in Derbyshire, and she’s always been very gracious in giving me advice when I’ve needed to know stuff about things I haven’t come across, before but know she has. She is so blessed to have several studio spaces and a small gallery and to work along side her Artist sculptor husband Charlie. I did know about all the spaces from an article I’d seen somewhere so I was well prepared and determined not to be envious (given we are in a smaller house now and it is still affecting my work badly). However it was just so lovely to see how they have thrived and all the hard work they had to do to make it such an incredible space, including lovely stripey and patterned rooms in the house bit. Yes I’d love to live there and be able to work without all the distractions that my life & hubbies job entail, but I also realise I’ve had loads of great opportunities and I’ve still got loads of ideas bubbling away and am still loving living in Brighton & Hove (though we’re in the midst of discussions about whether we are going to be here just till the end of 2018, or for the next 5 year contract after that, unsettling, as none us want another house move – but trying not to think about it too much.

Had a lovely time at Festival Of Quilts despite not having all my kits ready before I got there and a horrendous journey up the M25 in fog like rain so having to put the stand together very late. I’ll write more later. I’m going to be at the Great British Sewing Bee at ExCel in London 21st – 24th September doing classes on my stand because I’ve got more room than I was expecting now.

Before that I’m at the British Origami Society 50th anniversary in Stratford on Avon, doing a talk/workshop and learning lots from some top Origami people.

But I’ve written so much already, so I need to write about them next time….


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