Teaching again

At last I have classes running again at Portslade Academy – Sampling the Quilt on a Monday morning and Focus On – Quilt As You Go on Thursday evenings.

You should be able to access info about the courses here  Portslade Academy classes

Three days of teaching some of my favourite techniques developed the past few years – Fabric origami and Fibonacci Spiral collages at the Royal Bridlington Hotel In Yorkshire which specialises in quilt and sewing retreats  Royal Bridlington classes with Louise Mabbs

I’m also going to be at the West Country Quilt Show, UWE Bristol West Country Quilt Show I have 6 different classes lined up so please check it out.

I had an exceedingly busy summer – a few days at the inlaws in Swanage, Dorset, followed by our annual clergy family holiday at the amazing Sheldon ministry support place in Devon (my annual treat is a trip to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracey & the lovely open air pool as well) we get spoilt, the children get to meet others in the same situation and we’re not allowed to talk about ministry or do any housework, just go out and enjoy ourselves in the daytime, do great activities in the evenings and eat too much fab food.

A few days at home before the annual Festival Of Quilts show at the NEC in Birmingham. Amazing as always. I taught 4 classes and had double space in the teachers showcase area because we’re still trying to sell off the Tanzanian Quilt blocks – as soon as I’ve time I’ll update the Tanzania Mania blog & it so happened the next door teacher couldn’t come so we were able to hang it next door. It made looking after the stall a lot harder – we barely got to sit down especially when one of us (my Mother helps me) was off having lunch or comfort breaks, but great to have more space than usual.

A few days at home then the delayed Atomic jive weekend in Northamptonshire which we should have gone to in April but it was so waterlogged the ducks were swimming on the grass! (we did have a lovely weekend exploring Northampton but without our daughter because the hotel was booked and non refundable). Our youngest loves dancing and is far better than me, so I had to share Alex with her. It was very cold and windy so we were glad we’d rebooked the hotel!

A couple more days at home and then Alex & I went to Berlin for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We met in Offenburg at an international evangelism conference with Operation Mobilisation and spent several weeks in Berlin while it was still in East Germany in the Wedding district (pronounced with a ‘v’ of course in German) but weirdly prophetic. So we went to see life now after the wall came down. We were there a couple of months before it fell and a hundred or more of us had spent every morning praying for it to come down and learning Turkish to work with the gastarbeiters (guest workers) there. We found our base church building, glad to see it’s still used for ministry even though it’s not a congregation any more, we had a lovely conversation with some new residents there. We walked for miles and miles, saw loads of museums and galleries, watchtowers and memorials. We even jived to a pop up band in the park by the Reichstag before we booked our trip round the dome – a well worth it experience and free too, so book it when you go.

I’ll try to write and add pictures sometime.

After that I went to the British Origami Society conference in Swansea and the following weekend to Wirksworth Arts Festival open house weekend in Derbyshire. It’s my home town and is an amazingly creative, caring and world ethics conscious place with tons of lead mining and well dressing history.

So basically I wasn’t at home for most of the summer and barely got to any church at all. We’ve been in transition for a couple of years with Alex’s new special category ecology/theology role. The first year we were preaching alternate weeks at Brighthelm in central Brighton where we’re now based and out at other URC’s all over Kent, Sussex & Surrey in the in-between weeks. This last year we closed our small, elderly Sunday congregation and have been visiting lots of local churches plus Alex has had his second Sabbatical which has been mostly about engaging with God and nature (links to follow) so we’ve been like Mr & Mrs Weathermen as have our children. We’ve finally settled on going to One Church while we’re in limbo and working out what sort of new congregation – along the lines of forest church (but I hope lots of creative art stuff too when whatever gets going , gets going!)

Lots of work to do, lots of blogs needing updating, quilts to finish, projects to write proposals for……. but happy and challenged, if a little too busy. Will post again when I can and try to find some pictures as there are far too many words here without relief again!

Till then, have a lovely creative time everyone


About Louise Mabbs

Textile artist living in the UK & voluntary Fairtrade rep
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1 Response to Teaching again

  1. Sally Dungan says:

    Glad that you have had a wonderful and restorative summer. I look forward to seeing your new work.

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